Five stages of dating

This is the stage where he establishes an emotional desire to please her.

This develops into a genuine interest in who she is. For women to assume that he knows what she wants and she doesn't need to ask, she does and this is a time for her to focus on what she is receiving. INTIMACY: When we feel a connection with our partner on all four levels: physical-emotional-mental-spiritual then we are ready for intimacy.

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During this stage while a woman waits she asks: Where is the relationship going? This is the time to experiment with this one person and to give this relationship a chance and dig for the gold.

This is the stage where a man pursues the woman and decides if he wants to bond with her.

After they have bonded and have moved to the Exclusive stage, then the woman can begin to share some of the expenses and doing little things for him.

Although the man is the primary giver on occasion they switch roles and the woman gives. ENGAGEMENT: Moving through the first four stages we gain information that lets us know if we want to spend the rest of our life with this one person.

The proposal is the most cherished memory of a life time and the most important gift a man can give a woman, and paves the way for a great marriage, A time to celebrate their love for each other.

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