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He was the son of retired English teachers, and he was educated at Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Concordia University College of Alberta, and the University of Alberta.However, he never met Joss Whedon until he auditioned for Mal in Firefly.- He is known as one of four actors from Firefly who voiced superheroes on Justice League Unlimited.Tommy Garrett 2003: Miss Match (TV series) - Adam Logan 2003: Water's Edge - Robert 2002-2003: Firefly (TV series) - Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds 2003: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) - Caleb 2003: Alligator Point (TV movie) - Bill 2002: Pasadena (TV series) - Rev.I get to ride horses, shoot guns, have adventures ..."- "My favorite villains are the ones you don't see coming.

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So, I would say that I think he's done great things for my career and certainly my confidence in general."- (about Serenity): "There is nothing like a major motion picture to make you feel a little bit better about having your TV show cancelled."- (When asked what he likes about playing a villain): "Being able to be evil.

You can't do the evil things that you want to do in real life.

Question of the Week suggestions (7696 stories) - "How has B3ta affected your life?

It looked to be a very pleasant evening, with …" - Rogues, Villains and Eccentrics (131 stories) - "My grandfather Villan?

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    In addition to a background working with general populations as well as seriously mentally ill individuals, Samuel Allen has also specialized in working with people who in some way identify as having "outside the box" identities or experiences.