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That ripped-up business card means more than a professional division; it’s a personal one that hits home for Jimmy at the end. The end is coming, Jimmy has chosen who he wants to be and now he has to deal with the consequences.That is why Omar gets to go home to his family at the end.The cost of utilities, groceries and healthcare are also included.To come up with our final list of 30 cities, we also incorporated livability data from Area Vibes into the final ranking.Because while Omar might have chosen the path of drab respectability, he gets companionship, he gets the settled and stable life that Jimmy’s very nature will always keep away from him. Is then the story of a man who refuses to grow up, a story that refuses to indict or laud him but rather just presents his complexities as they are, with all the thrilling highs and tragic lows that that entails?is too smart to depict who Jimmy is and what he does as wholly good or wholly bad, but the truth is, of course, the series ultimately has condemned Jimmy.The list includes both small and larger cities with varying climates, activities, crime rates and healthcare systems.

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Jimmy might want to be a wolf, but to Mike he’s a cockroach.Jimmy chose a colourful life, and it landed him in that Cinnabon in Omaha.The morality of Vince Gilligan’s Albuquerque is always absolute, and it will be fascinating to see where Kim’s own play for autonomy will land her. My initial impression of Kim accidently calling her new boss Howard was that it would ruin her job before she’d even started, but the reality was that it was the exact moment that Kim realised what she wants, and what she wants is not another Howard stringing her along.Like Jimmy she wants to be her own person, but that person can’t line up with Jimmy.Is there any way that the two of them sharing an office doesn’t end in disaster?

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