Liquidating margin

For more information, contact [email protected] call 773-714-9000. In the event of errors in order entry or execution, the determination of Sponsor and Carrying Broker shall be final with regard to Championship standings. Trading must be conducted in Entrant’s Championship account(s).A minimum of ten (10) round-turn trades of any contract number, per account, must be placed during the Championship Period in order for Entrant to qualify for a Championship Award for that account.CHAMPIONSHIP TRADING ACCOUNT Entrant agrees to deposit a minimum of ,000 US, per entry, in a futures trading account satisfactory to Carrying Broker.Trading may not commence until the account is funded to the full ,000 minimum.Sponsor shall have the same right to remove or bar Account Managers. Entrant authorizes Carrying Broker to provide Sponsor with the ability to view activity in Entrant’s account(s) for the purpose of monitoring Championship performance. Entry in the Championship is void where prohibited by law.Winners will be responsible for any taxation on awards. MARGIN CALLS AND LIQUIDATION OF POSITIONS Initial margin for new positions and maintenance margin for existing positions must be maintained in accordance with Carrying Broker’s requirements, which may be adjusted from time to time without prior notice.

Carrying Broker, in its sole discretion, may terminate the participation of any Entrant for Entrant’s failure to enter orders in a timely, consistent and professional manner. Entrant agrees to liquidate all open positions maturing in a current futures month at least one day prior to first notice day for long positions and five days prior to the last trading for short positions.

In consideration of participation in the Championship, Entrant irrevocably authorizes Sponsor, in its sole discretion, to obtain and print, publish, televise or otherwise utilize his, her or their names, photographs, account statements, and descriptions of World Cup participation in connection with this or future Championships and with other promotions deemed appropriate by the sponsor. Each represents that the Account Manager is properly licensed (if required by law or regulation) or otherwise exempt from registration.

Entrant’s account shall be non-discretionary unless the Account Manager also signs and is a party to this agreement. CHAMPIONSHIP TRADING REGULATIONS All trading shall be conducted in accordance with a separately executed Customer Agreement at an authorized Carrying Broker.

OFFICIAL ENTRY AGREEMENT The undersigned wishes to compete in the 2018 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® sponsored by World Cup (“Sponsor”) and has completed an Account Application to open a futures trading account with a broker authorized by World Cup

An authorized broker (“Authorized Broker”) is any broker who introduces a World Cup Championship futures account to ADM Investor Services, Dorman Trading, LLC, Gain Capital Group, LLC, or other Futures Commission Merchants that may be designated by Sponsor before or during the competition (collectively “Carrying Brokers”) on a fully disclosed basis.

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