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"If I am commenting on what they wrote on this photo it's because it's incredible to see that there's so many elitist and ordinary people that write these comments to people, not just public figures, can cause a great emotional damage and especially with rude words in reference to a woman's body."Danna Paola believed that she received unfavorable feedback because she did not show more skin like many celebrities or people do on the social network.

"People are accustomed to seeing other types of pictures and I am not like that," she added.

Acting career Perroni made her acting debut in Rebelde, a remake of the acclaimed Argentinean novela Rebelde Way. Following the success of Rebelde, in 2007, Televisa released RBD: La Familia, which starred the members of RBD.

She portrayed Guadalupe "Lupita" Fernández, a teenage girl from a lower class family who gets the opportunity to study at the fictitious Elite Way School. The characters of the sitcom were not based on the band's characters in Rebelde, but intended to be similar to the actors' real personalities.

Thanks SK26If EAD is not filed along with I485 application, Do we need to wait for I485 reciept to file EAD or a copy of 485 application is enough? U said to show the intent that we leave US I 140 is approved which makes the letter of intent very contradictory (unless they dont see my papers when processing my wife's F1).

Her mother, Magdalena, was deeply sad, while her father, Justino, insulted her in every way imaginable for getting pregnant, and she had to take it since she had nowhere else to go."I am not the type that worries about what people say about my body or my personality, I am happy the way I am and I have always respected my fans." We think Danna Paola addressed the issue in a respectable manner and she should not be shamed or bullied to do anything she doesn't want to do, or stop doing something she wants to do.Danna is free to do whatever she wants and the anonymous social media users that use the networks to troll on other people is devastating and ruining the experience for everyone.Danna Paola just gave everyone a lesson on how to properly address her on social media. " telenovela star posted a photo on Instagram where she is seen enjoying life and sipping on coco water.Paola wore a lovely bathing suit and started receiving negative comments from trolls.

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