Who is andy roddick dating 2016

He won his first Grand Slam title just after clocking twenty-one and since then, Andrew Stephen Roddick has maintained his name at the top with all the formidable sweat, wit and power he could muster.When he was younger, everyone in his family was convinced that he would either become an actor or a baseball player.When they were struggling to top the game, she remained by their sides and learnt how to be a better inspiration.Till date, Blanche is close to all her sons and loves them without comparison.As money was not a problem, he was able to adequately provide every resource needed to hone his young boy’s skills.He has always been of great help since his son Andy took interest in the interesting sport.The Dr Roddick was is springboard driver and also became a father soon enough. Let’s keeps our fingers crossed as the Roddicks might soon become a household name in tennis.

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The three boys grew up practising tennis in their backyard but competitive driving soon won him over. was born, it became obvious that he had passed on the gene to his son even though he never manifested it. Since observing this early interest, Dr Lawrence has enrolled his son in as much training as possible and J. The little Roddick has been said to be a natural and can be compared to Andy in his serving style and his resolve.Andy apparently had the talent and courage needed to pull off any career as long as he had interest in it.He chose tennis and this became one of the best decisions of his life.This took a lot of time and effort and only goes to show how much of an icon Andy is.According to Roger Federer, Andy is a boss, a legend, a father and a husband.

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