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Have emailed the company today to request refund charge to my card as I had given no authorisation for payment.I placed an order on December 4, 2017 and I’m still waiting on a tracking number. I rang Fullfillment house here in Australia and they said it was a SCAM. I am reportingthese transactions to the Police and Fraud Squad. These products were returned to the mailing address Fullfillment House P. Box 4008 as I did not want them as theconditions were FREE TRIAL pack.I dialed the number that appeared on the transaction line and the first time it was indicated that the number is not valid; the second time a recording claimed that the number is not in service.That is what brought me to investigating on google, because I am not aware of any such subscription. Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly.

top tante volte ma niente risposta , che devo fare per avere indietro i miei soldi ? My statement came and charge me on Gpay csosop Shenzhen She for £34.61. They have done the same with me, I contacted my credit card company who are looking in to it, they are issuing me with a new card. Has been 3 lots total $ 80.45 taken out 17/12/17 Please cancel immediately any further e-mails or transactions.They charged my account and now my order doesn't exist but they have my money. Is anyone had transaction with this "GZ Gglesys Trade?Ive order Burberry bags and charge it to my credit card the seller website name is bit now i cant connect or found the website! We did not authorize this and they keep trying to take it out of our checking account. I also had a charge today Dec 20,2017 for the amount of 298.00 I also have never heard of this company.I demanded my money back and was told I can only be refunded for 90 Days (3 payments of US.95.I was just auditing my credit card activities and notice the same pattern of a monthly recurring charge of US.95-first from ELECTRICSAV, then the name changed to Top Choice for the same amount up to this Dec, 2017.

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