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'There is a persistent high level of crime in Port Moresby, Lae, Mt Hagen and other parts of the Highlands provinces.

Armed robberies, carjackings and burglaries occur, often in locations frequented by Westerners,' the department says.

Ms Steljic said they were returning from sight-seeing when they noticed a vehicle tailing them.

The footage also shows a grey car, not far in front of the family.

Hier vind je alle inspiratie voor jouw ultieme reis door dit droomland.

Maar de Hollywood glamour van Los Angeles, het culturele hart San Francisco en de stranden van Miami mag je ook zeker niet missen!

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Suddenly the grey car stops, blocking access to the road and five men armed with guns jump out and run towards the family's vehicle.'They were holding big guns, one of the guys could have been holding a machete or a bat,' Ms Steljic told Loop.

Ms Steljic's husband, who was behind the wheel managed to reverse the car at high speed and escape the thugs.

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