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Throughout the Yukon and its tributaries, the gnawing currents of the river had eaten into many a frozen bank of muck to reveal bones and tusks of these animals protruding at all levels.

Whole gravel bars in the muddy river were formed of the jumbled fragments of animal remains.’‘The hydraulic jets of water which the miners used in their modern gold-mining methods had sluiced away tremendous quantities of the overlying muck.

Within this mass, frozen solid, lie the twisted parts of animals and trees intermingled with lenses of ice and layers of peat and mosses.

It looks as though in the middle of some cataclysmic catastrophe of ten thousand years ago the whole Alaskan world of living animals and plants was suddenly frozen in mid-motion in a grim charade…

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In addition to the above two areas, some time was spent in examining the muck deposits exposed in the grounds of the Fairbanks Exploration Company in the vicinity of Fairbanks, Alaska…’‘Although the formation of the deposits of muck is not clear, there is ample evidence that at least portions of this material were deposited under catastrophic conditions.

If anyone reading this has done any relevant research or can shed any further light on the subject, please tell me what you know in the comments section below.Most of us who follow the mysteries are aware that huge numbers of carcasses of extinct megafauna, notably mammoths, have been found preserved in the permafrost of Siberia – the victims, it has been suggested, of some great cataclysm near the end of the last Ice Age.Most of us are also probably aware that similar claims have been made for Alaska; however, the evidence there has received less attention.With each passage of the dozer blade across the melting mass, mammoth tusks and bones rolled up like shavings before a giant plane.As the sun melted the black ooze in and around the bones, the stench could be smelled for miles around, the stench of some hundreds of tons of rotting mammoth meat, ten thousand years old.

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