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Mumbai, as it's often been said, is a city of contrasts.

If you want to have sex with somebody casually, you HAVE to specify. Getting with a foreigner earns huge bragging rights, so if you're not Indian, chances are every girl in the club or bar has already checked you out.

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You can smoke in your hotel room though, and there are certain places that are tolerant of smoking such as Candie's on Pali Hill (a restaurant). At least that's what interracial dating sites have reflected. I suppose the dating scene in Mumbai is pretty different than the rest of India?

I didn't have sex with her, she was conservative christian, so I guess it wouldn't have worked out or I would have needed more time.

Then I met a girl who called me herself in a bar, I ended up partying the whole night with her and her friend.

The whole bollyowood and westernization really is reflected in their taste for men. This is the first legit usable info I have come across.

I met a Persian girl in Bali who said its also quite easy for white people to get work in the movie/advertisement type business and get paid a pretty reasonable amount.

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