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Quebecor initially requested Category 1 status for Sun News on the basis that the channel's combination of news, analysis and opinion programming would create "a completely new [TV] genre" different from the other all-news channels in Canada.

The CRTC disagreed, however, and turned down the application in a July 5, 2010 letter to Quebecor.

Oni su odlučili testiraju airbag na svoj način, a vi ćete plakati od smijeha.

An eleventh hour bid to by Sun News was reportedly made by Leonard Asper, President/CEO of specialty channel operator Anthem Media Group and former CEO of Canwest; Quebecor, however, turned down an offer from Asper, who was unwilling to take on employment contracts and severance packages of Sun News' employees and executives.Ljudi na Balkanu uživaju u tome da se zabavljaju i smiju.Uživaju u dobrim šalama, a ponekad naprave gluposti poput ovih.After its last program, a repeat of Byline with Brian Lilley, and following a promo for Pat Bolland's program, the channel aired a silent static card of the channel's logo for 30 seconds, then went to a black screen leaving cable operators to announce the closure themselves.A segment from Michael Coren's The Arena with Sun News contributor Rachael Segal was the last segment ever recorded (it aired a few hours later) while David Akin's Battleground was the last live broadcast on the Sun News Network.

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