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Please make sure you edit files correctly when using BOTH i Tunes libraries and Serato crates together.

Open i Tunes Unchecking this will stop i Tunes from moving your Audio Files around and putting them in folders of Artist and Album Name.

There are 3 main ways of adding music to an i Tunes library; purchased downloads from the i Tunes Music Store, ripping CDs directly into i Tunes, and importing files that are already on your hard drive into your library.

The default settings in i Tunes are to encode AAC files, which are supported by Serato software, however we recommend MP3 encoding.

There will be songs you think are rubbish and need to be moved to make searching easier.

You could use Tunes Cleaner via the Mac Store for this, but it comes at a cost.

This will avoid missing showing up within the Serato software since they will no longer be shifted around by i Tunes.

This function copies all the files in your library into a single file structure.

Very useful for backing up and keeping your drives tidy.

i Tunes is the media player of choice for many people, and a natural companion product for Serato Software.

For the best way to organize your library we recommend using Crates inside the Serato software.

If you let i Tunes organise all your music for you and you decide to make crates with Serato software, changing artist or album names can cause the files to become "missing" as the original file's name could not be found.

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