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Apply Boundaries and Consequences When I was a teen, consequences for my “rebellion” usually took the form of my dad taking off his belt and whacking me.I’m not suggesting that for your teen (or for any teen).Another common cause for rebellion is when a teen is trying to exert their independence in a home where independence is not allowed. The best thing to do when you see rebellion in your teen is to first look at what may be impeding your relationship.Could it be that you are still treating them like a child and need to give them a few more freedoms?Or, has something happened in your child’s life, even unbeknownst to you, that is affecting them? She said, “I’m struggling with my daughter who has suddenly become rebellious. And by definition, they are still a bit irresponsible.

That thinking needs to be turned around before they will turn around.

Express value to them and sorrow that they have to suffer the consequences, even as they are in the midst of experiencing it. I’d like to treat you that way, but if you insist on being treated like you’re 12, I will!

But you won’t like it because you’ll only have the privileges of a 12 year old.” To that end, perhaps the biggest tool in a parent’s arsenal of consequences today is taking away a cell phone.

For instance, turn off their computer, unplug the television, take away their car keys, or ground them for a week.

If you have a good relationship and you’ve clearly identified the boundaries, they’ll be expecting some form of punishment.

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