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This will include monthly recurring giving models that would start at €20 a month.“Organisations like Watsi and Charity Water are already proving that there is an appetite in the giving market for directly tying recurring giving to tangible impact being realised, and we believe this type of model can be applied to solutions to a wide range of social challenges,” O’Hara said.AOL’s also talking about their Platform A advertising platform which can blend big brand advertising along with performance. Bebo had raised just a single million round of capital from Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark Capital Europe) in May 2006.Bebo’s page views will be enticing to those brands to the extent they can track how those ads do. As an aside, and despite rumors of their possible sale, AOL is clearly putting a massive effort into transforming the company from a dial up broadband provider into a company that has the competitive fire.Layering in Bebo, they say, lets people communicate both synchronously and asynchronously.

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Speaking with, Change X CEO Paul O’Hara explained that the plan is to use the Facebook social graph to help link philanthropists with change-makers.

AOL’s intention, they told press in a briefing call this morning, is to marry AIM and ICQ with a proper social network.

At a high level, AOL is saying they are basing much of their go forward social networking strategy around AIM.

Current President Joanna Shields (middle in picture) will continue to run Bebo and will report to AOL President Ron Grant (right in picture). The opening of AIM, mentioned above, is just one indication.

Founders Michael Birch and Xochi Birch will shortly be leaving the startup, apparently. Recent Comscore data says Bebo has 22 million unique visitors and 11 billion page views; AOL said Bebo users spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the site in a press briefing. The company has been releasing genuinely innovative new products and has also made a number of smaller strategic acquisitions over the last year or so.

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